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Attorney handled over 700 cases-clients; only a portion of the cases are described in the career timeline; attorney selected cases attorney believed were particularly interesting. Results are NOT “typical.” Each case is different—different clients, facts, judge, jury, and/or political-sociological-cultural setting. Historical success should NOT be construed as a guarantee of future success. Some case names are anonymized.  

The information contained in this site is NOT, and NOT intended to be, construed as legal advice. Contacting me does NOT create an attorney-client relationship.

Please use the contact form to briefly describe your matter to me. DO NOT DISCLOSE CONFIDENTIAL OR PRIVATE INFORMATION. I—Philip S. Horne, Esq.—will respond within one business day. I may need to call you. Please provide a telephone number and times of availability. You must be available when I return the contact. There may be several initial contacts before I determine whether I can represent you. If ultimately decide that I can represent you, we will negotiate and both sign a document called an “Attorney-Client Fee Agreement.” Only after we both sign that agreement, should you consider an attorney-client relationship created.

If you believe you have a statute of limitation issue, please describe that issue in your FIRST contact with me. I do not undertake representation where I conclude there is an imminently-expiring statute of limitation.

IF YOU HAVE BEEN SERVED WITH AN UNLAWFUL DETAINER (EVICTION LAWSUIT), please include the words UNLAWFUL DETAINER in your first contact with me. Unlawful detainer litigation generally has shortened response times. You should have a back-up plan—such as drafting the next document that is due in your Unlawful Detainer with the Eviction Defense Collaborative (, 415-947-0797)—so that you are prepared if I cannot take your case.

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Alternative Contact

If you are a potential client and you cannot use the above Contact Phil form or have used the above Contact Phil form and have not heard back from me, please feel free to contact me by phone at: 440-PHIL-ESQ. 

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My email address is and my office is located at 388 Market Street, Suite 1300, San Francisco, CA (please—scheduled meetings only, no drop ins). Attorneys, messengers, and service agents: This is NOT my case mailing address or my address for service of process.

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