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Occupy Oakland Vigil Press

Occupy Oakland Announces Plan for Oscar Grant Plaza Vigil 

De-Colonize Oakland Teepees 

Occupy SF - March and Rally to Free Bradley Manning 

Occupy Oakland; The New Face Of [] Teepees

Occupy Oakland Vigil Raided, Several Arrested 

Occupy Oakland Press

Oakland Protests Test Mayor Jean Quan Activist Background 

Occupy Oakland Encampment Creates A Community

Battle for Occupy Oakland - Oscar Grant Plaza Aftermath

Battle for Occupy Oakland Post-Raid March 

Oakland Occupy Assembly Votes For General Strike

Tens of Thousands March to Defend Occupy Oakland 

Raid on Occupy Oakland: Redux

Here Comes Oakland: Occupy Oakland Joins Occupy UC Berkeley

Occupy Oakland Marches & Rallies mid-November 2011

Occupy Oakland: Gardening, Tree Sitting 

Repression of Occupy Oakland Continues 

Labor Speaks Out At Occupy Oakland 

The Occupocalypse at Occupy Oakland 

Legal Opinion Editorial

ENTRAPMENT: Targeting minors is illegal

Occupy San Francisco Press

Occupy San Francisco - Early Marches and Rallies

Families Occupy SF

SF Supervisors Vote to Support Occupy SF 

Occupy SF Rally and March - Bank Transfer Day 

Faces of Occupy

Reclaim Occupy SF 

San Francisco Municipal Transit Agency
Whistleblower Dorian Maxwell Press

Hands Off Dorian Maxwell

                         Oakland Fire Department
            Whistleblower Sean Gillis, EMT-P Press

OFD Paramedic Whistle-Blower on Morning Mix with JR Valrey

Civil Service Board Cancels Hearing on Oakland Paramedic—Oscar Grant Whistleblower Case 

The Oscar Grant Murder Cover-up, Privatization, and Whistleblower IFPTE 21 OFD Sean Gillis

Oakland Fire Department Paramedic Whistleblower Announces Community Action Meeting 

Paramedic Whistleblower Alleges Oscar Grant Cover Up; Evidence of System-Wide Racism 

Oakland Fire Dept. Refuses to Release Taped Racial Slurs and Comments Re. Oscar Grant 

New evidence of a coverup in the murder of Oscar Grant; Whistleblower needs support

Prop K Press

Will California Legalize Prostitution [] ?

Proposition to protect sex work splits S.F.

Worker Safety is Public Safety: Vote Yes on Prop. K

Changing the Enforcement of Laws Related to [] Sex Workers 

San Francisco’s Prostitutes Support a Proposition

Prop. K calls for legal prostitution in S.F.

San Francisco General Election, November 2008,_November_2008

[Right-Wing Commentator] Ken Garcia Editorial 

 Tenants “Ben & Chris,”, 
QAC Anti-Displacement Coalition Press

Couple fights to stay in apartment

Fair Housing Now: 2008 Worst of S.F. Awards 

Gentrifiers Scared From Castro by Roving Pack of Drag Queens 

Anti-Gentrification Meeting for “Worst of SF 2008”

Anti-Gentrification Coalition Formed: To Hold "Worst of SF Awards”

Bedbug Infestation at Altamont Hotel/ 
Mission Housing Press

Hotel Residents Sue Over Bedbug Infestation
Link N/A: San Francisco Examiner, Dec. 20-22, 2002, p.9A

Eviction of District 8 Supervisor
 (candidate) Eileen Hanson Press

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Link N/A: SPOSF [Landlord Assoc.] Newletter, Nov. 2002, p.7. 

  Landlord describes me as an aggressive litigator, 
winning more for my client than she was entitled to.

Eviction of Gay Icon, Artist Gerard Donelan Press

Castro Is Site of Latest S.F. Eviction Protest

ALRP Press

Tenants Citywide Still Under Threat
Link N/A: San Francisco Frontiers Newspaper, 2001 May 31 p.5

We Don’t Mean to Toot Our Own HORNE, But…
Link N/A: ALRP Newsletter, Vol.7, No.2, p.6

PWA's benefits jeopardized by special needs trust

Nieman Marcus Nine Press

Protesters[: ] Misdemeanor only for fur activists 

San Francisco Fur Protesters Released From Jail 

Million Dollar Discrimination Verdict (v. Cal State) Press

“Fresno County jurors today awarded [] $4,250,000.00 in race discrimination, whistle blower case against CSU, Fresno.” 

Oregon Law Review

Oregon Law Review, Onita Pacific Corp. v. Trustees of Bronson: The Oregon Supreme Court Recognizes the Negligent Misrepresentation Tort (v.72,n.3)(Fall 1993)

Lexis Link: action=DocumentDisplay&crawlid=1&doctype=cite&docid=72+Or.+L.+Rev.+753&srctype=smi&srcid=3B15&key=b2f8522e938c3a297ff9ad8a37a1a056 

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