Fee Schedule

Attorney Services

Helping Tenants Win Justice 
in Retaliatory Evictions                               Contingency Fee or $250.00/hr

Helping Workers & Tenants Win Justice
for Discrimination, Retaliation,
Personal Injury, or Legal Malpractice        Contingency Fee or $450.00/hr

Appellate Work                                             $600.00/hr

Tenant Alternative Flat Fee*
for Retaliatory Evictions                              $12,500.00/Entire Unit                                                              

*Tenant attorneys should NOT be charging excessive
or never-ending fees in evictions or taking 35-50% of tenant buyouts! I offer this flat fee, per address. Pay one fee for all unit residents & pay NO other fees. Up to one trial or settlement. 

Expert Services

Expert Witness Work                                       $300.00/hr consulting
As a litigator with over 20 years of experience, as     $700.00/hr hearing/trial
a solo attorney litigating landlord-tenant matters,
having received the 1994 American Jurisprudence
Award for Professional Responsibility (Professional
Ethics), having handled over 700 clients-cases,
never having been disciplined by the state bar or
sued for malpractice, I provide Expert Witness
Consultation and Evaluation in the areas of
landlord-tenant attorney malpractice
and solo attorney malpractice.

                                                 Attorney Work
40% is the most common contingency fee rate I use and my starting point in fee agreement negotiations (
many attorneys charge lower rates for early resolution and higher rates for later resolution—“after trial setting”—as high as 50%; in my experience matters nearly always settle after trial setting; so again, such clients pay more). State Bar rules provide that all attorney contingency fee rates are negotiable. A $1,000.00/client refundable fee retainer is generally charged in my standard contingency fee matters; the fee is refunded at the conclusion of representation if contingent or hourly fees of more than $1,000.00 are recovered.

Work rates do not include costs. State Bar rules provide that client is responsible for all costs of litigation regardless of outcome. Client is required to pay costs at the time incurred to the extent client is able. Typical costs include: 1) Costs for copies, records requests, service of process (postage, messenger); 2) Filing and other court fees, court reporter fees, expert witness fees; and 3) Any other costs reasonably incurred.

                                                 Expert Work
Work rates do not include costs. Costs include all costs reasonably incurred regardless of whether recoverable. Hearing and trial work is billed in four (4) hour minimum increments.

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